May 15 - 16 2023

Food Microbiology Online Spanish Training

Course Objective

In this course you will obtain basic knowledge about the microbiology of food with a focus on fruits and vegetables, indicator microorganisms, the main pathogenic microorganisms, the factors that influence their development and therefore facilitate the assistant to design strategies for their monitoring and control. in food production and handling environments. The importance of sampling, the representativeness of the samples and important aspects for compliance with the requirements of some safety schemes will be addressed.


8 hours


  • Introduction and background
  • Microbiology – basics
  • Differences between UFC and NMP
  • Main microorganisms of interest in the sanitary microbiology of food
  • Indicator microorganisms and index
  • Contamination sources and mechanisms
  • Factors Affecting the Survival of Microorganisms
  • Major pathogens in food
  • Main pathogens of interest in the current fruit and vegetable sector
  • General sanitation in the field and packaging
  • Background
  • Factors Affecting the Survival of Microorganisms
  • disease setting
  • Major pathogens in food
  • Main pathogens of interest in the current fruit and vegetable sector
  • Salmonella
  • listeria monocytogenes
  • Pathogenic group of E. coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus and other important pathogenic bacteria
  • Virus
  • Protozoan and helminth parasites
  • Fungus
  • Risk Configuration
  • Sanitation in facilities (cleaning and sanitization)
  • Hygienic equipment design
  • Sampling
  • Microbiology and environmental monitoring program

Learning Objective

The purpose of this course is to train participants in the interpretation and implementation of the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard, GLOBALG.A.P. version 6 in its SMART and GFS edition, specifically for the field “plants” and product category “fruit and vegetables”.

Deliver the necessary skills to the participants for the implementation and updating of the protocol to verify the level of compliance of their safety programs, which will allow them to successfully face certification audits.



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Note: The session will be held through the ZOOM platform, once your payment is made, you will be sent the link to enter the event.

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