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Ensuring Food Safety Objectives Through Accurate Audits

With over 35 years of auditing expertise in farm-level produce audits, Primus Auditing Ops has now expanded its focus to include auditing of semi-processed, and fully processed produce foods, e.g. juices, salsas etc. Our mission is simple. Observe. Report.

Audit Schemes

Primus Auditing Ops provides audit services for the most domestic and international schemes.

Buyer Programs

Primus Auditing Ops helps buyers create their own checklists and guidelines for customized audits.

Quality Assurance Program

From the development of audits, to execution and reporting, well-documented processes ensure quality


Find the tools you need to build and/or improve upon your food safety program


Our public training courses are perfect for both novice and experienced food safety teams.

Sustainability/Social Accountability

Our newest audit programs help you document your commitment to social accountability and sustainability.

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    Buyer Programs

    Primus Auditing Ops is proud to serve the world's food safety programs for fresh produce. Our ongoing dedication to risk prevention and quality continues to set the bar worldwide.

    Food Safety Standards & Audit Schemes

    For your convenience, Primus Auditing Ops provides auditing services for the most domestically and internationally recognized and accepted schemes.