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Primus Standard Audits

The scope of Primus Standard Audits is focused on the food safety of agricultural sector products (including horticultural, grains, and pulses) designated for human consumption. Primus Standard Audits establish a series of requirements for managing the production, handling, processing, and storage of fresh and minimally processed fruits and vegetables.

Primus Standard Audits version 20.06 incorporates FDA FSMA requirements, along with updates for Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices. The Produce Safety Rule is included within the Primus Standard Audits templates for Farm, Indoor Agriculture, Harvest Crew, and Facility operations that must meet those rule requirements. For facility operations, an updated, voluntary addendum covers FDA FSMA’s Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule.

Primus Standard v.20.06 Documents. New version!

Primus Standard Audits General Regulations V20.06

GAP Documentation V20.06

GAP : Harvest Crew

Checklist : Harvest Crew (Excel)                                               PDF (Soon)

Question and Expectations: Harvest Crew

Interpretation Guidelines : Harvest Crew

GAP : Farm

Checklist : Farm (Excel)                                                             PDF (Soon)

Questions and Expectations: Farm

Interpretation Guidelines : Farm

GAP : Indoor Agriculture

Checklist : Indoor Agriculture (Excel)                                       PDF (Soon)

Questions and Expectations : Indoor Agriculture (Excel)         PDF (Soon)

Interpretation Guidelines : Indoor Agriculture