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Quality Assurance Program

Primus Auditing Ops Quality Assurance Program: Introduction

In 2014, Primus Group, Inc. was faced with a new GFSI requirement. The new requirement led to the sale of the Auditing Division to former PrimusLabs Auditing Director Javier Sollozo. The new company JS Audit Group, Inc. DBA Primus Auditing Ops has been a separate company since March 2015 serving as a certification body for multiple schemes (PrimusGFS, GLOBALG.A.P., USDA NOP, and PrimusLabs’ audit schemes).

The sale of the auditing division has not had any negative impact on any of the company’s clients, nor will it. All of the same processes and staff remain in place and are poised to help clients with the application and scheduling requests, and can help clients with questions directly.

Primus Auditing Ops remains transparent, and welcomes your questions about its business practices, including the QA Division and all of the measures taken to ensure the utmost quality.