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Verification of Compliance & Quality

Verification of Compliance and Quality

QA conducts different performance evaluations to ensure PAO’s fleet of auditors continue to meet its high level of expectations. These evaluations can be in the form of on-site shadows (annual and / or intermittent review), review of data analytics provided by Azzule Systems, administrative compliance, and any other means necessary.

These analytics are not only critical in evaluating auditor performance, but they provide insight into PAO’s performance as a whole, allowing PAO to identify areas of continuous improvement in its operation.

Graph: Subset of Data Analytics of Auditors

Reflecting live data / daily reporting of PrimusGFS activity on behalf of a single client)

The above graphic is an example of the type of data PAO QA receives from Azzule Systems in order to review administrative and technical information related to the certification process. This type of information allows us to compare all of our auditors together. The data compares the average time it took to submit a report, how many audits each performed, etc.

37 days

PAO average time period to issue certification (PrimusGFS)


45 days

PrimusGFS mandated period to issue certification

Graph: Average Days to Submit Preliminary Report

(Actual data set: Checking individual auditor performance)

PAO mandates that each auditor submit a preliminary report within 10 days of the audit performed.

The dotted line indicates the 15-day time limit. The peaks, then, indicate that the auditor breached this time limit. The Primus Auditing Ops Quality Assurance management team addresses such abnormalities immediately, evaluating the incident(ce) to identify reason for disfunction, applying discipline in order to calibrate PAO auditor performance across the board.