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The AH-DLL GROW add-on was developed in cooperation with retailers Albert Heijn (AH) and Delhaize (DLL) and launched in August 2020.

AH-DLL GROW is an add-on that assesses producers’ risk management with respect to hygiene, pesticide residues, and foreign bodies. The module was developed in order to better meet the rising quality and food safety demands from consumers and aims to increase producer awareness on both topics. Building on the contents of AH Residue Protocol version 2 (AHP v2), the AH-DLL GROW assessment checklist consists of a fixed number of control points and compliance criteria and can be implemented together with the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) inspection or audit.

The AH-DLL GROW assessment is required for both individual producers and producer groups that supply fruit and vegetable products either directly or via their suppliers, to Albert Heijn in the Netherlands or Delhaize in Belgium.