Continuous Training & Support

In addition to PAO’s Auditor Requirements, PAO makes available and promotes additional auditor resources, to include auditor trainings, auditor on-site shadows, 6 day-a-week access to QA Specialists, audit technical reviewers (both internal and external) covering the Western Hemisphere, and auditor work instructions, each resource made availabe in both English (ENG) and Spanish (ESP).

Graph: Auditor Trainings Provided

(March 2015 to May 2017)

This graph reflects bi-monthly reporting, reflecting* the total number of attendees for all trainings in each period per year.

*Both sets in the line graph are normalized for the purposes of showing trends.

36 Trainings Total | 395 Attendees Total


Auditor Trainings Provided

  • PAO trainings are open to PAO in-house, sub-contracted, and candidate auditors.

  • Trainings are web-based or on-site.

  • Attendance at some trainings is mandatory, if, for example, a new audit version is released or a new interpretation is provided.

  • Attendence at some trainings is voluntary, for example, presentations on specific commodity audits are offered.

  • Technical experts assist in commodity specific trainings.

Additional PAO Auditor Resources

  • Auditor QA memos provided.

  • Exams given based on past auditor memos.

  • On-site auditor calibration trainings conducted by audit QA personnel and technical experts.

  • Audit QA specialist available 5 days a week.

  • Audit QA Specialists located in U.S., Costa Rica, México, and Chile.

  • Audit QA Technical experts (internal and external).

  • Technical review of audit reports.

  • All resources available in both English and Spanish.

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