Candidate Initial Approval / Rejection

(as of July 2017)

Screening of qualifications is done at the beginning of the auditor approval process. This step allows us to inform applicants if they may continue with the training process. PAO rejects a significant percentage of potential auditor candidates in an effort to hold its auditors to rigorous standards.

Primus AuditingOps Approved Auditors

The graph to the below depicts the number of auditors in PAO’s fleet for its two most popular GFSI-Benchmarked schemes. The number of auditors helps PAO to ensure both the timely scheduling of audits and the timely reporting of audit results. PAO maintains the size of its fleet of auditors despite a significant number of denied / removed auditors, including potential candidates that failed their on-site assessment or are no longer employed with PAO.

*An auditor that was rejected/removed from PAO’s fleet would have received continuous support/training and a verification of compliance before the final PAO decision was made. (See Cycle of Auditor Team Development.)

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