HACCP ALLIANCE - Plan Development and Implementation

Lunes, 16 Mar 2020 00:00 – Martes, 17 Mar 2020 23:59
Santa Maria Inn, 801 South Broadway, Santa Maria, California, United States

HACCP Plan Development and Implementation Course

Gain an in-depth understanding of the components of a food safety system including prerequisite programs, the five preliminary steps, the seven principles of HACCP and how to develop and maintain a HACCP plan. This workshop reviews the history of HACCP and the reasons for its global acceptance.  Attendees will comprehend the basic steps to develop a HACCP plan by applying principles taught.

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Course Agenda

(Workshop I)

Basic steps in the development of a HACCP plan

Assemble the HACCP team

Describe the product and its method of distribution

Develop a complete list of ingredients and raw material

Develop a process flow diagram 

HACCP Principles

Presentation of HACCP principles as defined by CODEX Committee on Food Hygiene

and the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Food’s report on HACCP Systems, 3/20/92

Discuss the seven principles in detail


(Workshop II)

Principle 1- Conduct a Hazard Analysis 

Biological Hazards

Chemical Hazards

Physical Hazards (Chapter 6 in Workshop Manual)

Conducting a Hazard Analysis

Steps in Conducting a Hazard Analysis

First- Evaluate your operation for hazards

Second- Observe the actual operating practices in your operation

Preventive Measures

 (Workshop III) 

Principle 2 - Identify Critical Control Points

Steps in Identifying Critical Control Points

CCP Decision Tree

Principle 3 - Establish Critical Limits

Steps in Establishing Critical Limits

Principle 4 - Establish Monitoring Procedures

Steps in Establishing Monitoring Procedures

Principle 5 - Establish Corrective Actions

Steps in Establishing Corrective Actions

(Workshop IV)

Principle 6 - Establish Record keeping Procedures

Steps in Establishing Record keeping Procedures

Principle 7 - Establish Verification Procedures

Steps in Establishing Verification Procedures

HACCP Groups re-evaluate, finalize and summarize (HACCP Team, Responsibilities and Record keeping format)

Group Presentation